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ENV inspect the value of an environment variable Returns the current value of the environment variable in the CGI (Common Gateway Interface) environment. This is ...
GROUPS a formatted list of groups Deprecated do not use. Use VarGROUPINFO instead * Expands to a formatted list of user groups. * The macro is intended to...
HTTP get HTTP headers * Called with the name of an HTTP request header field, returns its value. Capitalization and the use of hyphens versus underscores are n...
HTTP_HOST environment variable Examples * %HTTP_HOST% expands to == Related ENV, REMOTE_ADDR, REMOTE_PORT, REMOTE_USER
HTTPS get HTTPS headers The same as %HTTP% but operates on the HTTPS environment variables present when the SSL protocol is in effect. Can be used to determine wh...
REMOTE_ADDR environment variable Examples * %REMOTE_ADDR% expands to == Related ENV, HTTP_HOST, REMOTE_PORT, REMOTE_USER
REMOTE_PORT environment variable Examples * %REMOTE_PORT% expands to Related ENV, HTTP_HOST, REMOTE_ADDR, REMOTE_USER
USERNAME your login username Foswiki makes names available in three formats: USERNAME like jsmith, WIKINAME like JohnSmith and WIKIUSERNAME like .JohnSmith. Un au...
WIKINAME your Wiki username The WikiName is the same as %USERNAME% if not defined in the . topic. This macro is an alias for the USERINFO macro with a fixed forma...
WIKIUSERNAME your Wiki username with web prefix Your %WIKINAME% with web prefix, useful to point to your Irish Doughnut Economics Network home page This macro is...
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